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“The Best Dentist in the World!”

“”I love going to see Dr. Gaspara! I have a lot of anxiety and fear of pain and went to Dr. Gaspara and had the IV sedation…best thing ever! Woke up work was done, Dr. was really nice and knowledgeable and efficient! I live one hour away and will drive there for any more dental work I need done for the rest of my days!” ”

Cynthia DeiTos

“Forever Grateful!”

“”I am forever grateful to Dr. Gasbara, his staff, and my parents for giving me my smile back! Literally! My last visit with my previous dentist (who I would not recommend to anyone!) had me crying in my car, holding a $17,000 estimate! I was shocked and I felt hopeless and embarrassed, as I thought I took good care of my teeth. The list included root canals, bridges, crowns, an implant, and fillings! My parents sent me to Dr. Gasbara for a second opinion (they have been coming here happily and loyally for over 15 years). I will never forget the feeling of relief, and overwhelming thankfulness after beeing seen by Dr. Gasbara and his wonderful, caring staff! In a matter of a few months, all the dental work was completed, and ever so beautifully and painlessly (Dr. Gasbara is so dang good! He has this cool technique of making needles feel painless too) and all the work -crowns, a root canal, fillings – for only a fraction of what the other dentist quoted! He was even able to salvage two teeth that I was told by the last dentist couldn\’t be saved. Tracy was so cute and coy too when she said with a smile, \”no charge\”, after my dental work had been completed! I didn\’t know that my Father had arranged to pay for all the work ahead of time (which had me crying again, but this time in a good way!). Dr. Gasbara and his staff were so friendly, and genuine, and caring, and professional. They are a fantastic team! Always welcoming, never judgmental, and so understanding (and they have great sense of humors too, they make you smile! 🙂 They are the best! And I am forever grateful each and every day! Thank you for saving my smile!” ”


“Great dentist”

“”Being the chicken that I am when it comes to dentists its no wonder that I needed to see a dentist on an emergency basis. I have to tell you Dr Gasbara was not the first dentist I saw. I went to a place in Laurel that was open being fair though I did not try and call Dr Gasbara. Lets just say that I will never return to that dentist office again. The difference from that office to Doctor Gasbara\’s was like night and day. The office was clean, it was not noisy, they did not automatically try and take a multitude of x-rays before they even found out what the issue was and most importantly they did not keep trying to give me a prescription for drugs that put me in anaphalaxis. Dr Gasbara informed me of the problem, gave me a couple of options and even offered to use sedation (told you I was a wimp when it comes to dentists. Long story short he pulled my tooth and the most painful part was getting the shots to numb the tooth. took 5 – 10 minutes and it was over. I asked before I left if he was open to take new patients. and fortunately he was. So do yourself a favor, if you need some dental work done or if you need just need to find a family dentist. Go with Doctor Gasbara you will not be sorry. R Hart” ”

Richard Hart

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