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Could Mouthwash Use be Linked to Cancer?

According to recent research that has come to light, there may be a link between certain types of mouth cancer and frequent mouth wash use (more than twice a day). The European study studied individuals who were diagnosed with esophageal, vocal chord, mouth, or throat cancers, and their dental hygiene habits. The results found that […]

Reasons to Consider Removing Wisdom Teeth

For most people, getting their wisdom teeth removed is just a normal part of growing up. For some, however, the wisdom teeth never have to be removed. For those individuals, there are a few reasons why removing wisdom teeth can still be a good idea, though. First of all, there is only a finite amount […]

Poor Oral Hygiene Linked to Several Heart Diseases

Dentists and other oral care professionals have known for a long time that while poor oral hygiene can certainly cause issues for your teeth and gums, there can be far more serious implications for your overall health. The main reason that oral care can be a good indicator of overall health is because human mouths […]

Oral Hygiene Linked to Pneumonia in Hospital Patients

It goes without saying that oral hygiene is important. There have been dozens of studies linking poor oral hygiene with many other serious conditions, such as heart disease. A recent study in Sacramento has found another illness to add to the list: Pneumonia. The study in question focused on patients that are not on ventilators, […]

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

The early portion of a child’s life is when everything is starting to take shape. Personalities emerge, hobbies are learned, and habits form. It almost goes without saying, then, that embracing the importance of good oral hygiene early-on in a child’s life is crucially important. The American Dental Association agrees, since February is National Children’s […]

Be Careful of Acid Erosion: It’s Worse Than You Think

Among the many facets of civilization that have changed dramatically over the past 50 years, one aspect that many people don’t initially think of is diet. In recent decades, the average diet has become much more acidic, which is causing no small amount of trouble for dentists worldwide. Unfortunately, it seems that no one is […]

Don’t Let Your Smile Hold You Back

Teeth and smiles are incredibly important. They are one of the most important parts of a first impression, and to many people, they say a lot about a person overall. Unfortunately, while basic dental maintenance is very simple and quick, there are thousands of individuals who feel they simply do not have the time for […]

Diabetes and What it Means for Tooth Care

Taking care of your teeth and mouth is an incredibly important undertaking. Far too many individuals neglect some aspect of their oral care, and their overall health can suffer as a result. Unfortunately, this can be compounded if an individual in question also has diabetes. Diabetes is a very serious disease which has several commonly-known […]