Odenton Family Dental Care Testimonials

Office plaque with Dr. Gasbara's name

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of my patients.

Each and every one of you is important to me, and I appreciate your confidence in both myself and my staff.

I am truly grateful for your recommendations to your friends and family.”

“I came to Dr. Gasbara after years of dental problems, along with dental phobia. His sincere concern for my well being as well as my dental needs was extraordinary.

How wonderful it was to have all my dental work accomplished while pleasantly asleep through I.V. Sedation. I am so confident in his excellent professional care that I remain his patient despite moving out of state. Thank you Dr. Gasbara.” E.B., Hanover, PA

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Gasbara and his staff. I have been coming to him for more than 15 years now. And thanks to Dr. Gasbara I never again will cancel or miss a dental appointment.

My fear of the dentist has been ongoing since childhood. But, Dr. Gasbara’s chairside manner and gentleness has helped me continue with bi-yearly check-ups. The I.V. Drip he gives me is safe and very effective. I don’t feel a thing. I recommend him to everyone I know.

Give him a try and you won’t be sorry. Instead you’ll wonder why anyone goes to anyone else.” A.Z., Linthicum, MD

“I have been petrified of going to the dentist for over 25 YEARS!

This all started when a dentist crowned 5 of my teeth — all at the same time using only shots of Novocain. I was in the chair for 6 HOURS! <OUCH!!>

We moved to Maryland and a friend told me about Dr. Gasbara and how he uses I.V. Sedation. Dr. Gasbara has crowned almost “ALL” of my teeth. I no longer have anxiety attacks — and — I no longer try to find reasons to cancel my appointments.

I sit in the chair, then wake up, and everything is done! it’s THAT easy! THAT fast — and — THAT PAIN FREE!!!

Brandee and I “always” have great conversations, and she is someone I “always” look forward to seeing. Tammy is a wonderful new addition to the office staff. She has taught me a LOT about my insurance and the billing side of things.

I have recommended Dr. Gasbara to many, many people who were “afraid” of the dentist, just like I “was.”

It only took one experience with the I.V. Sedation, and Dr. Gasbara knows he is now stuck with me forever! :)” L.S.

“I am a a very pleased patient of Dr. Gasbara and was very impressed with his staff. They were very professional and friendly. The I.V. Sedation was great. Getting alot of dental work done one time was important to me, and Dr. Gasbara and his office staff passed with flying colors. I have told several friends about Dr. Gasbara and will continue to do so. Smiling again,” D.S., Glen Burnie, MD

“I have been Dr. Gasbara’s patient for over 15 years. Dr. Gasbara is not only a doctor for my teeth, but he makes me feel like a part of his family. With my English, it is hard to explain what I need but he already knows about what he has to do. Whenever I need Dr. Gasbara he is always there for me, that is why I drive a long way to see him, it is worth it and valuable to the health of my teeth. His staff is wonderful!!! Their personalities are always kind and make me feel comfortable.” S.P., Potomac, MD

“What isn’t there to say, having had a terrible experience with dentists, it takes a lot of courage for me to go to one.

I have been coming to Dr. Gasbara for over ten years now, this man is a saint, he’s gentle, caring, personable, (not bad on the eyes either.)

He is always interested in the welfare of his patients, their concerns, fears, questions, he listens to the patient.

Dr. G. goes out of his way to work with you; his concerns for your teeth are his main priority. He returns all his calls himself, even on the weekends, and even when he is on vacation. He has chosen his staff with care, as you will see even with your first visit.

If you need first rate service, excellent care from an entire office, this is where you need to go. Once again let me say there is nothing bad you can say about this office and it’s excellent staff.

Thank you Dr. G. — you are the man.” C.B.

“Hello! My name is C.B. and I am 62 years old. |

I have been a very happy and satisfied patient of Dr. Mark Gasbara for 4 years.

Dr, Gasbara and his excellent staff have alleviated my fears of dental procedures!

I have had I.V. Sedation for deep pocket cleaning, root canals, implants adjustment and fillings.

Wow! With I.V. Sedation I am now completely fearless and at ease! I actually look forward to my visits! The “fear factor” is eradicated!

If only I had known of the ease of I.V. Sedation for dental procedures…I would have been very motivated (and excuseless) to early preventive care and treatment.

My years of fears and avoidance have been costly!” C.B.

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