I.V. (intra-venous) Sedation

IV sedation machine
Will I be totally asleep? | return to top

  • Maybe. Responses to medications always vary from patient to patient; therefore some patients may sleep soundly through the entire procedure while others may seem slightly awake.
  • However, due to the amnesia properties of the medications, patients will not remember anything at all. (Sometimes patients don’t even remember going to sleep!)
  • Because the medications are introduced intravenously, the level of proper sedation can be maintained throughout the whole procedure. Local anesthetic is used after the patient is asleep, for an increased level of comfort.
Is it totally safe? | return to top

  • YES.
    Dr. Gasbara will monitor all your vital signs, including:

    • blood pressure
    • pulse
    • respiratory rate
    • oxygen saturation
  • I.V. sedation is not the same as general anesthesia, and therefore patients are able to breathe on their own, and always have their protective reflexes (coughing and swallowing) intact.
  • The medications used are safe and are some of the most commonly used medications in the anesthesia field.
What about my general health condition? | return to top

  • Patients requesting I.V. sedation must be in good overall health.
Will it react with my medications? | return to top

  • Perhaps. Dr. Gasbara will review your medical history, and determine if there are any contraindications to the medications he will be using.
  • If medical clearance is necessaryhe will contact your physician personally.
Do I need to fast before the procedure? | return to top

  • Yes. Do not eat or drink anything for 6 hours before your appointment.
Can I drive myself home? | return to top

  • NO. You absolutely must have someone else drive you home after the procedure.
When can I go back to work? | return to top

  • Most patients can safely return to work within two days.
  • However, recovery times vary depending upon the individual, and the treatment performed.

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