Dental Anxiety Odenton MD

We take dental anxiety and patient comfort seriously at Odenton Family Dental Care.

Whatever caused you or a family member to have dental anxiety, you know how important dental care is to a person’s general health. At the Odenton Family Dental Care, we will discuss your fears and work with you to ensure you have the dental care you need in an environment that feels comfortable and anxiety-free.

  • In addition to dentistry, Dr. Mark Gasbara studied dental anesthesiology so that he would be fully qualified to offer IV sedation to patients who suffer from dental anxiety.
  • It is our job as dental professionals to understand dental anxiety and make every patient as comfortable as possible.
  • We don’t judge our patients or scold them for not coming in sooner.
  • We don’t focus on why you have dental problems; we focus on fixing problems and preventing new problems.

Using IV sedation, we can, if the patient prefers, perform extensive work in one visit rather than in multiple visits. Dr. Gasbara and his assistant watch patients carefully, whether sedated or non-sedated, for any sign of discomfort.

Tell us about any fears you may have – fear of pain, extensive dental work, costs of dental work, dental problems that embarrass you. Whatever your concern, you can be sure we will listen to you, respect your concerns, and work to alleviate those concerns. You are also welcome to contact us by email.

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