Reasons to Consider Removing Wisdom Teeth

For most people, getting their wisdom teeth removed is just a normal part of growing up. For some, however, the wisdom teeth never have to be removed.

For those individuals, there are a few reasons why removing wisdom teeth can still be a good idea, though.

First of all, there is only a finite amount of space in the human mouth. Even if they are able to push through fully without causing any major problems, they might still be moving other teeth around. In addition, the gums surrounding wisdom teeth are not the easiest things to keep clean.

Secondly, wisdom teeth are often so far back in the mouth that they don’t serve any useful function at all, and being able to brush behind them is difficult and uncomfortable. This inability to clean them as well as the other teeth is the leading reason why wisdom teeth have such a high risk of developing cavities.

When wisdom teeth are unable to push through all the way, they are called impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause immense pain, swelling, and damage to other teeth. In addition, however, they are rarely able to develop cysts or even tumors, which can require extensive and expensive operations to remove.

Finally, the longer you wait to remove your wisdom teeth, the higher the chance that any minor issues caused by them can turn into major issues, and the higher the risk for surgery complications.

The most important reason to consider removing your wisdom teeth, however, is to get yourself peace of mind. Knowing that you took a proactive step to reduce future issues can be worth more than anything.