Be Careful of Acid Erosion: It’s Worse Than You Think

Among the many facets of civilization that have changed dramatically over the past 50 years, one aspect that many people don’t initially think of is diet. In recent decades, the average diet has become much more acidic, which is causing no small amount of trouble for dentists worldwide.

Unfortunately, it seems that no one is immune to the rise in acidity either. Things typically seen as junk food, such as soda and candy, are classic example of acidity, but in addition, healthier things such as fruits, juices, and teas can be massive sources of acidity as well.

Panels and studies have been done showing that enamel erosion is a consistent, significant threat to oral health, and that those in the oral health profession need to step up prevention methods. Enamel can still be saved once it has been softened, but once it is lost, it is gone forever.

The true effects of acid erosion, and just how far-reaching the damage can be, is not known yet, but with how much information has been found in such a short time, dental health experts will be undoubtedly taking the issue seriously.

There have already been a few recommendations, although they are still preliminary:

  • Prevention of erosion through regular oral maintenance is extremely important. Using enamel toothpastes has been shown to help.
  • Coupled with proper oral care, maintaining a diet low in acidity is vastly important as well.
  • Some individuals are more prone to acid erosion than others. Check with your dentist to see if your teeth are more susceptible to wear.

The true implications of acid erosion are yet to be seen, but it is forefront in the minds of the nation’s dental experts, and it will undoubtedly be the subject of more than a few future studies.