Someone on the Internet Says This Works

Whiten your teeth at home, with charcoal?  That’s what this blogger is claiming.

First off – don’t believe everything that you read on the internet.  It’s sad that this disclaimer is even needed, in 2014.  That goes double or triple if you are getting your advice from the comments below the article.

Click on the link to see pictures – just pictures of black teeth – no pictures showing whiter teeth.  Skeptical yet?  Is it possible that teeth look whiter against a blackened mouth background?  Or did you not want the black mouth?

The writer discloses that she has tried a variety of in-home whitening products, with frustration.  Yes, that part rings true.  Some get the results they are seeking with those products, and some don’t.

A dentist is a medical doctor, with training and ongoing continuing education requirements.  If pennies worth of activated charcoal, swished around in the mouth, could give everyone a whiter, brighter smile, do you think that the dentists could conspire to keep that a secret very long?  Common sense is called for here.

If you feel driven to whiten your teeth, please call our office and let’s discuss what you have tried, and what you are looking for.  The Zoom Whitening System is one of the options you have, and is one with which we have had a lot of success.  Call today.