Orthodontics for Adults

In recent years, it is becoming more and more common for adults to have orthodontic treatment to correct crooked or crowded teeth and to improve or correct jaw and bite problems, too.  There are several reasons why more adults are opting for this treatment.

One reason for the increase in adults opting for orthodontic treatment is that many insurance plans now cover a good portion of the cost for orthodontic treatment.  Many insurances will cover from  $1,000-$2,500 of the cost for braces and other treatment.  The majority of orthodontic offices have payment plans that make it easier for patients to pay for braces and other types of treatment, as well.

Many adults opt for treatment because modern orthodontic braces are less obtrusive, which makes more patients willing to wear them.  One type of brace is created out of clear material and is practically invisible when worn.

A patient contemplating orthodontic treatment may wonder if the treatment is successful for adults?  Yes, it is.  Healthy teeth can be moved with braces at any age.

A person may also wonder, besides for appearance, does straightening crooked or crowded teeth really matter?  Yes, tooth alignment does matter.  Crooked or crowded teeth may prevent a person from chewing properly, a condition which can lead to jaw joint problems. Crooked and crowded teeth can also be quite unattractive and can negatively affect one’s appearance.  Many people with unattractive teeth are embarrassed to smile and may hold their hands over their mouths to hide their mouth when they speak.

Orthodontics can make a patient’s teeth more attractive by straightening crooked or crowded teeth, and more functional by improving jaw alignment and correcting the bite.

When you are considering orthodontic treatment to correct crooked or crowded teeth, talk to your dentist.  Your dentist can provide a referral to an orthodontist who can answer any questions or concerns you may have.