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Mouth Healthy: ADA’s Online Dental Guide

A great source of oral health information for both dentists and their patients is the American Dental Association’s online site, MouthHealthy.org.  With so many people relying on websites for health information, it’s great to be able to search a site that provides actual facts, not myths, that pertain to oral health.

MouthHealthy.org is designed to be user friendly.  The site is arranged is such a manner that a user can find information on oral health habits throughout any stage in life by clicking on tabs ranging from pre-birth through adults  sixty-years-of-age and up. 

The site also has a category entitled “ADA Symptom Checker”, which lists the ten most common symptoms patients may suffer.  The ADA Symptom Checker can assist a site user in identifying possible conditions, as well as offering suggestions on treatments and what actions may need to be taken to make informed decisions about oral health problems.

Another handy tool of this site Find-a-Dentist.  Dentists who are members of the ADA can sign up for free, and this tool will help a patient find a dentist in his area who is a member of the ADA.

If you are wondering what products are recommended by the ADA, wonder no more for all are listed on MouthHealthy.org.  A user can search by category, by product or company and can even print out a shopping list of products if they choose to do so.

In the A-Z Topics category, a user can read about the top ten topics in dental health care, watch popular dental slideshows,  and learn more about throwback tooth day.  What is throwback tooth day?  Check out MouthHealthy.org and find out!

Because health information is changing all the time, the MouthHealthy.org site is updated regularly.  Check back often to find answers to any questions you may have and to  discover what’s new in the oral health field.

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