Study Reports Diet Soda Damages Teeth

Many individuals drink diet soda because they believe it’s healthier than drinking regular soda .  Unfortunately, a recent study by the Academy of General Dentistry reports  not only is this false, but also reports diet soda can be as harmful to your teeth as taking hard drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine.

In its study, the Academy focused on a woman in her thirties who drank about two liters of soda a day.  Although this seems like a large amount to consume in a day, if you drink one large 32 ounce drink in the morning and one later on in the day, you have almost consumed two liters.  For those who continually sip on diet soda throughout the day, you will have consumed about two liters by the end of the day, as well.

A Scottsdale, AZ dentist, Dr. Lee Weinstein, studied diet soda’s damage to teeth.  “In the dental world, this is the stuff we’ve known for years and years,” he said.  Although he is not surprised by the Academy’s findings, some patients are.

One such patient, Chris Mitchell, who was surprised by the study’s findings, said, “And to think we’re drinking diet soda so it’s all good, but it turns out it’s not.”

Another patient stated he had worried a bit about how the chemicals and acids in diet soda may be affecting his stomach, but not his teeth.

Dr. Weinstein pointed out that both the  citric and phosphoric acids contained in diet soda erode your teeth over time.  He advises his patients who drink diet soda to do so in moderation, to sip  soda through a straw, and then to either drink water or chew gum after drinking the soda to eliminate some of the acidity in your mouth.

The American Beverage Association and other critics of the Academy’s study say “it’s irresponsible to compare diet soda damage to meth,” and also add that “with good dental hygiene and a healthy diet, your mouth should be healthy.”