How to Prevent Acid Damage to Your Teeth

The enamel and dentine of our teeth can be damaged or corroded by acid.  Acid damage shows as corrosive wear marks on the teeth when the enamel, the outer layer or the tooth, wears at a slower rate than the dentine, the layer underneath the enamel.

Where does the enamel that corrodes our teeth come from?

Acid comes from two sources;  inside the person, from the stomach; and from outside the person – the food that we eat and drink.

Both of these sources of acid are related, in that they are both eating problems.  One source has to do with how much acidic food we eat and also how often we eat it.

The second type of acid source relates to the regurgitation of acid from the stomach into the mouth.  Of course, what types of food we eat controls our indigestion, heartburn and regurgitation of acid into the mouth which corrodes our teeth.

To prevent acid damage to our teeth we need to make changes in our diet.  Try to restrict the consumption of acidic food in your diet to prevent acid corrosion.  Some of the most corrosive foods on the market today is sodas and energy drinks.  One well-known soda can actually clean old coins.  If it can have this type of effect on metal, consider what it can do to your teeth!

Another way to protect our teeth is by practicing good eating habits.  Make sure you do not rush your meals; take time for eating, chewing and some time afterwards for digestion.  Always chew and swallow the food in your mouth before placing more food into your mouth.

By restricting consumption of acidic foods and by following good eating habits, we can reduce and prevent acid damage to our teeth.