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In a dental context, occlusion refers to the relationship between the upper, maxillary, and lower, mandibular, teeth as they approach each other, both during rest and chewing. Malocclusion is the misalignment of both the teeth and the jaws, and can cause a number of dental problems as well as health problems.  The misalignment of the […]

Air Abrasion: Dental Care Without the Drill

When there is decay in a tooth – a cavity – your dentist will need to remove that decay before applying a filling to the tooth.  In the past, the most common method of removing this decay was with a dental drill.  However, with recent innovations in the field of dentistry, new methods of removing […]

How to Prevent Acid Damage to Your Teeth

The enamel and dentine of our teeth can be damaged or corroded by acid.  Acid damage shows as corrosive wear marks on the teeth when the enamel, the outer layer or the tooth, wears at a slower rate than the dentine, the layer underneath the enamel. Where does the enamel that corrodes our teeth come […]

Single-Tooth Implants

When an individual has lost a tooth due to decay or trauma, there are several procedures to fill in the space created by the missing tooth.  One way to do so is a procedure known as a single-tooth implant. There can be complications from an implant. Though rare, an implant can fail if infection develops. […]