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Biological Tooth Replacement One Step Closer

Recent research headed by Professor Paul Sharpe, an expert in craniofacial development and stem cell biology at King’s College London, has led scientists one step closer to replacing missing teeth with bioengineered material generated from gum cells. In the study, adult human gum tissue from patients at the Dental Institute at King’s College London Sharpe […]

Toothbrushes: Manual or Powered

Good dental hygiene includes both brushing and flossing teeth and a healthy diet, too.  When it comes to brushing your teeth, is one type of toothbrush more effective in cleaning your teeth than another? The answer to that question, according to the Cochrane Collaboration, is yes.  In combating plaque and gingivitis, this independent research group […]

Dental Role Recognized in Disaster Response Law

On March 4, Congress cleared the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act (PAHPA) of 2013 for President Obama’s enactment by signature on March 13.  You may ask, “What does this law have to do with dentistry?” This is the first time public law offered disaster response opportunity for dentists and dental facilities, a move which […]

Don’t Forget to Floss

When visiting a dentist for a check-up, the hygienist comments, “It looks like you have not been flossing regularly.”  “Now how did she know that?” you think to yourself.  No your hygienist is not psychic, she just noted you have more tartar between your teeth than usual, which led her to believe you have slacked […]

The Use of Lasers in Dentistry

The ADA, the American Dental Association, has yet to give its approval to the use of lasers in dentistry even though the FDA has and lasers have been used since 1994 to treat various dental problems.  Although the ADA has not given its seal of approval, the agency does state that it is “cautiously optimistic […]