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Healthy Oral Health Habits Start Early

When a child’s baby teeth first appear at six months of age or so, these teeth are at risk for decay.  Most decay in infants and toddlers is caused by what is known as “Baby Bottle Tooth Decay,” and usually occurs in the upper front teeth, although other teeth can be affected, as well. Tooth […]

Moderate Gum Disease Can Lead to Serious Consequences

Biomed scientists in San Antonio, Texas, conducted a study in which an animal model with moderate gum disease was exposed to an AIDS-like virus to discover whether or not inflammation of the mouth would increase the animal’s susceptibility to become infected with the virus. In the study, scientists had two groups of animals, with  one […]

What is a Dental Dam?

While sitting in the dental chair waiting for your dentist to perform a procedure, the dental assistant mentions she forgot the dental dam needed for the procedure.  “A dental dam,” you say to yourself. “What can that be?” A dental dam, or rubber dam as it is also known, is nothing more than a rectangular […]

Tooth Sensitivity: What Are the Causes

Often times when we eat or drink something hot or cold or acidic, our tooth hurts.  Why does this happen? When our teeth and gums are healthy, the dentin of the tooth – the layer surrounding the nerve – is covered and protected by the enamel, as well as surrounded by the gums.  Unfortunately, as […]