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Mercury Treaty Offers Dental Amalgam Options

The use of dental amalgams as a filling material has been controversial because of the mercury content in the amalgam.  Research has shown  these fillings do leach mercury into the mouth, but studies vary not only in the amount leached, but whether or not the amount leached presents any dangerous health risks, as well.  Most […]

Communication Between Dentist and Patient

To avoid any confusion or unhappiness, before any type of dental procedure is started, it is important for the dentist and patient, or the patient’s guardian, to thoroughly understand not only the procedure, but the end result as well.  One Arizona mother thought her young daughter was undergoing routine dental work, but there was nothing […]

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

A dental condition that is occurring more often and is characterized by symptoms of sharp pain when chewing or biting down, is the cracked tooth syndrome.  Unfortunately for those suffering from this condition, their dentist may not be able to easily identify what is causing their dental pain because the cracks in their teeth are […]

Halitosis Proves Beneficial in Scientific Research

Halitosis, better known as bad breath, is caused by the odorous compound hydrogen sulphide, an odor that is reminiscent of rotten eggs.  Its no wonder that most adults with good oral hygiene habits strive to rid their mouths of this odor, and why there are so many products on the market aimed at ridding one’s […]