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Sports and Energy Drinks May Damage Teeth

In this country today, research has shown that approximately fifty percent of teenagers report they consume energy drinks every day and as many as sixty percent say they consume at least one sports drink per day. Many individuals who drink sports and energy drinks believe both their energy level and sports performance will be improved […]

Oral Surgery Sedatives and Recovery Time

When a patient is undergoing oral surgery, he wants to be as comfortable as possible during the surgery, but he also wants to be able to shake off the effects of the sedative as soon as possible after the surgery is over.  Finding the ideal anesthetic treatment is essential to the success of dental oral […]


Bruxism, or teeth grinding, occurs during sleep and is an involuntary action, with many individuals not realizing the condition exists until symptoms are noted or until they visit their dentist for a checkup.  Bruxism involves the constant gnashing, grinding or clenching of teeth.  Those individuals with serious cases of bruxism, can have future dental complications […]

Celebrating Halloween Without Candy

Halloween is a holiday that children of all ages  anticipate eagerly.  Not only do children have the opportunity to dress up in their favorite costumes, but also have the opportunity to go trick-or-treating from door to door with the goal of filling their bags full of candy and other treats, as well.  Those bags full […]