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Dementia Potentially Caused by Chewing Ability

Retaining natural control over our various cognitive functions becomes increasingly difficult as we age and our health declines. Exhibiting signs of dementia including deteriorating memory, decision-making and problem solving abilities is considerably common among the elderly population. Current research suggests there’s a link between one’s chewing ability and overall cognitive performance. Experts theorize the biological […]

Electric Toothbrush Awareness

The last thing you would expect when you are brushing your teeth, is to have your toothbrush chip your tooth or fly into your eyes or even get stuck in your throat!  Unfortunately for some users, that is exactly what happened when they were brushing their teeth with the battery-operated Arm & Hammer Spinbrush and […]

Twelve Foods Your Dentist Won’t Eat

What does a carbon body of a 2007 Shelby Mustang Funny Car, Tom Cruise, a fully grown male deer, and all the sugar and other sweeteners the average American will eat this year have in common?  The common thread is that they all weigh about 140 pounds.  It’s hard to imagine, but according to research […]

Oral Health: Americans Score Badly is a new website launched by the American Dental Association (ADA) aimed at improving Americans oral health.  In a recent survey conducted by the new site, the average score of those participating in the survey was a “D”.  It appears that Americans really need to clean up their act when it comes to oral […]