Move over toothbrush, there’s a new clean in town

Up and down side to side, rinse and spit, sound familiar? Let’s face it, sitting in front of the mirror brushing for 2-4 minutes twice a day can get redundant. But, in order to get fresh breath and healthy teeth it’s just something we have to deal with. That is until now.

There is another way to naturally whiten your smile and clean your teeth with… food! Research has shown that there are four different types of food that can help you freshen your breath, whiten your teeth and even remove plaque, amazed? You should be. Not everyone carries a portable toothbrush with them when they’re out on a lunch date or on a small trip, unless you’re obsessed with your oral health and no one wants to smell the aftermath of garlic, so here’s some tasty tidbits to hold you over until your next brushing.

Berries: These delicious little citrus treats are a perfect way to clean your teeth and did you know that strawberries are a natural toothpaste? You can make a paste of mashed strawberries and baking soda and it will leave you with a bright, clean and shiny smile.

Apples: Have you ever ran your tongue over your teeth? Did it feel like your teeth were wearing fuzzy bunny slippers? That’s plaque buildup, germs and bacteria. Eating crunchy foods such as carrots, broccoli and apples cleanse the teeth and gums. The antioxidants that are found in apples are said to kill bacteria and leave you with more approachable breath.

Lemon: This sour fruit has been used for generations and in many different home remedies to naturally whiten your teeth. It can also help in freshening your breath, killing bacteria and preventing tooth decay. To get a scintillating smile, rub a piece of lemon directly over your teeth or try mixing lemon with salt, rubbing it over your teeth, rinsing and brush after five minutes.

Cheese: The acid found in cheddar cheese can actually break up plaque, remove food particles from your teeth and restore the pH balance in your mouth. Say Cheese!

So when you’re out and about and feeling less than confident about the cleanliness of your breath, take a second to remedy it naturally with one of these teeth whitening, particle cleaning, plaque fighting, bacteria killing foods.