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Fluoride In Drinking Water

The majority of major cities in the United States add fluoride to the city’s drinking water in an effort to prevent tooth decay.  Portland, Oregon is the largest city in this country that does not fluoridate its water.   However, as a result of its city council’s vote this past Wednesday, Portland will join the mainstream […]

Oral Health: The Mouth-Body Connection

When a patient who feels poorly visits his physician nowadays, he may be surprised at his doctor’s recommendation.  Whether a patient has diabetes, heart disease, is pregnant, or just feeling poorly, physicians today are more apt to refer their patients to a gum specialist.  Research has shown there is a connection between oral health and […]

Flossing Gets to the Root of Serious Illnesses

We’ve all heard it all our lives, brush twice per day and floss daily. That flossing part seems to be the bane of our existence so much of the time. Who hasn’t been guilty of flossing just before a dental appointment so no one has to lie about it when asked? But flossing isn’t just […]