A Hearing Aid For Your Teeth

Have you heard of this? Sonitus Medical has developed a non-surgical and removable hearing aid that is worn inside the mouth.

The product is called SoundBite Hearing System, and it works by using a natural principle known as bone conduction. Bone conduction is the transmission of imperceptible sound vibrations through your bones to your inner ears. Instead of simply increasing the volume of sounds, like traditional hearing aids, SoundBite Hearing System allows sound to travel via the teeth, through the bones, to both cochleae. Because of the way it works, SoundBite does not require a functional middle or outer ear to deliver sound, thereby making it an option for patients suffering from Single Sided Deafness or Conductive Hearing Loss.

The system consists of both a discreet microphone unit that is worn behind the ear and a nearly undetectable hearing device that is custom made for the patient’s teeth and worn in the mouth. A tiny microphone is worn tucked into the canal of the impaired ear, to capture the most natural sound possible. When the microphone detects sound, the device worn behind the ear processes the sound, then wirelessly transmits the sound to the device worn in the mouth. The unit in the mouth produces imperceptible sound vibrations that travel through the teeth, through bone, directly to the cochleae. So even if the patient is deaf in one ear, the SoundBite Hearing System essentially restores normal hearing with clear, high fidelity sound. No dental work or modifications to the teeth are required, and once inside the mouth, the device is nearly invisible.

Amazing. What will they think of next?

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