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Zoom Whitening

Zoom!™ Whitening, Odenton MD

The Zoom! teeth-whitening system is safe, effective and fast – really fast.

Over the years, the Odenton dental office has seen the results of many different teeth-whitening systems – in-office systems and do-it-yourself home systems. The best we have seen, and the one we recommend and use in our office, is the revolutionary Zoom! system.

  • In only one hour, our patients have dramatically whiter teeth.
  • The teeth maintain their white color for up to two years without additional office treatments.
  • The Zoom! process does not damage the teeth; it removes only the stains and impurities within the teeth without any damage to the enamel.
  • The whitening process may cause temporary sensitivity. To lessen that possibility, our patients use prescription toothpaste for two weeks prior to the treatment.
  • We recommend an at-home maintenance treatment twice a year.

If you want whiter teeth, Dr. Mark Gasbara can evaluate your teeth and determine if the Zoom Whitening system is right for your teeth.

Call 410-551-4600 and set up a teeth-whitening appointment.

You can have whiter teeth within an hour. Call our office for an appointment or contact us by email with your questions.

“I have been Dr. Gasbara’s patient for over 15 years. Dr. Gasbara is not only a doctor for my teeth, but he makes me feel like a part of his family. With my English, it is hard to explain what I need but he already knows about what he has to do. Whenever I need Dr. Gasbara he is always there for me, that is why I drive a long way to see him, it is worth it and valuable to the health of my teeth. His staff is wonderful!!! Their personalities are always kind and make me feel comfortable.”

S.P., from Potomac, MD

Dr. Mark Gasbara
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